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A few words of introduction...

New Solution Service Kft is a limited-liability company in 100% Hungarian ownership. We have more than 19 years of experience in the market.

Our ambition to keep our customers fully satisfied at all times has helped us remain competitive in the market of cleaning services.


Our main services include:

  • The daily, weekly and general cleaning of offices

  • Cleaning of industrial sites

  • Cleaning of warehouses

  • Cleaning of logistics centres

  • Daytime office cleaning by on-duty staff

  • Complete cleaning of underground parking lots and office buildings

  • Integrated facility management

  • Antiseptic cleaning

  • Disinfection by ozone technology

  • Garden care

  • De-icing

  • Manned security services

  • Events management                  


We also place a lot of emphasis on using environmentally friendly cleaning products, as the protection of the environment is one of our priorities.


Our staff carry out their work to the highest quality, using the latest technology, keeping the needs of our customers in mind at all times.

We have been providing all-round cleaning services to our customers since 2001. 


With professional equipment and trained cleaners, we provide first-class cleaning services.

We provide complete daily and general cleaning services for offices, schools, production, service and food establishments and restaurants, always observing the relevant hygienic requirements.


Larger cleaning teams are managed and supervised by team leaders or area managers. Our cleaning staff work on the basis of precise and detailed job descriptions. The tasks are carried out to a set schedule, using surface-specific tools and substances. Following an initial training period, we check the quality of cleaning and adherence to the rules.  

We check the work of our cleaning staff regularly and on a random basis, without giving prior notice. Any deficiencies found are fixed as soon as possible and, where appropriate, changes are made to the working methods and the cleaning tools and detergents.


We aim to ensure that all cleaners contracted by us are qualified and have the right attitude.

Reliability, including accuracy, precision and expertise, is our top priority. Our collaborating partners and employees are required to sign a confidentiality agreement as a pledge of trustworthiness. 


Our staff members are selected according to consistently strict requirements and are subject to a medical examination and ethical clearance procedure.

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